IX Forum Rynku Spożywczego i HandluIX Forum Rynku Spożywczego i Handlu, 2016

The largest conference addressed to the food and retail sector in Poland

17–18 October 2016 • Warsaw • Sheraton Warsaw Hotel

About FRSiH

It is a meeting of representatives of the largest food and beverage enterprises, producers, processing plants, distributors and traders in Poland. The conference is organised in co-operation with industry organisations, representatives of the government and persons who exert a real influence on the changes taking place in the food and retail sector in Poland.

During the Food Market & Retail Forum, awards are presented in the following categories: Food Market Leader, Food Market Innovation and Food Market Event. Apart from that, the editorial office of the ‘Rynek Spożywczy’ magazine and of the portalspozywczy.pl and dlahandlu.pl websites, in co‑operation with Polska Organizacja Handlu i Dystrybucji (POHiD, Polish Trade and Distribution Organisation), also grant the ‘Good Product – Experts’ Choice’ certificates during the Forum.

Day 1

  • Innovations and quality as the driving force of the success of the Polish food industry
  • Sell emotions instead of products! New challenges for marketers
  • The Food Industry. Business 4.0 - new technologies as a factor in competitiveness

Day 2

  • A fresh impetus to the retail trade – the influence of regulations on the shape of the industry
  • The retail trade answers the trends - patriotic purchasing, healthy foods, and convenience
  • An efficient supply chain – between the proven strategy and innovation


  • This year’s Food Market & Retail Forum 2016 is an excellent opportunity to exchange our experiences, talk about the industry and establish new business relations. It is also an opportunity to jointly reflect on how to build the market and create its needs and development dynamically and effectively. That is why practitioners and experts can deem the Food Market & Retail Forum a significant and opinion-forming industry event.

    Artur Rytel – Chairman of the Board, Green Factory

  • The Food Market & Retail Forum is a significant event in our industry. The attendance of representatives of the dairy sector, government administration and science opens up the possibility of constructive conversations and an exchange of views on the common challenges for the market and the industry. It is important in the world of global business. In line with the rising expectations of our customers and the competition we face in the global markets, we need to talk and speak about the problems and solutions to them with a common voice. The Forum is a good place for debates on the most important economic issues. The dynamics of the Forum, the diversity of its speakers, the involvement on the part of the listeners, and the very way the event is organised, all make me eager to participate in it.

    Edward Bajko – Chairman of the Board, SM Spomlek

  • I believe the meetings such as the Food Market & Retail Forum are very much needed. The constructive approach to the topics pertaining to the entire food industry through the direct possibility of exchanging opinions among the key persons with extensive experience has a material impact on the way the sector functions. Conversations, debates and an exchange of opinions are always needed and useful, and the ones conducted during the Food Market & Retail Forum are just like they should be – very specific and content-related. It is also of particular importance that the Forum is conducted by people who have extensive knowledge of the industry and its problems, and the topics touch on and raise significant issues.

    Halina Osińska – Chairman of the Board, Pini Polonia

  • In recent years, the Food Market & Retail Forum has risen to the rank of the most important event in the food industry, transmitting up-to-date information in a professional manner which is also attractive to the participants, and inspiring the trends in the development of the industry. Promoting unconventional initiatives and providing state-of-the-art theoretical and practical knowledge about innovations during an excellently organised event are sufficient reasons for participation in it to be mandatory for the key persons in the industry.

    Julian Pawlak – Chairman of the Board, Krajowa Unia Producentów Soków (Polish Association of Juice Producers); Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Tymbark MWS Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., MASPEX WADOWICE GROUP

  • The Food Market & Retail Forum is one of the largest conferences addressed to the food sector and retail industry in Poland and the region. The event brings together heads of the largest enterprises and institutions operating in the food, beverages and FMCG products processing and retail sector, as well as representatives of national authorities and government agencies. Participation in the Food Market & Retail Forum offers the possibility of exchanging our opinions on the situation in the Polish food industry and its future. At Colian, we value initiatives that make it possible to undertake a debate on the status of and developments in the food and retail industry in Poland.

    Jan Kolański – Chairman of the Board, Colian

  • The ever-growing role of the food and retail industry in the domestic and foreign markets keeps presenting us with new challenges we have to face. During meetings such as the Food Market & Retail Forum, we have an unusual possibility of exchanging our views, debating on the topics that concern us, and becoming acquainted with various perspectives on the present and future of the food and retail industry. I am very content to have been given the chance of participating in the 2015 edition of the Forum; I am already waiting for the next one.

    Andrzej Szumowski – Chairman of the Board, Polish Vodka Association

  • The Forum is an excellent platform for an exchange of experience gained by food enterprises in Poland. It has become one of the places hard to omit; attending the Forum is increasingly becoming a necessity for people who want to learn about the trends prevalent in the industry.

    Marek Moczulski – Chairman of the Board, Bakalland SA

  • I include the Forum in my schedule in the belief that it is one of the more interesting events in the food industry. There are well-selected topics, speakers and debates, as well as the opportunity for various participants in the market to exchange their experiences and learn about the forecasts and opinions on the trends – and all of that is incorporated in the framework of a professionally prepared and efficiently conducted meeting. There are many challenges worth discussing that the dynamically developing and highly successful industry is currently facing.

    Piotr Kulikowski – Chairman of the Board, CEO, Indykpol S.A.

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