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It is for the eleventh time now that the PTWP Group – the publisher of the ‘Rynek Spożywczy’ magazine and of the, and websites – invites food producers, processing plants and distributors (including entities delivering their products to the HoReCa industry) to participate in the ‘Good Product’ 2020 popularity contest.

The selection of the 15 enterprises and products to be awarded will be made by a group of renowned experts, chefs and culinary influencers, as well as journalists involved in the subject matter of food and cuisine.

By awarding the Good Product Certificates, the Jury will award and thus single out the most interesting food products that stand out in terms of their quality and innovative character as well as their traditional and regional recipes, and which are intended for both the retail market and the HoReCa market.

The Good Product Certificate logo is to serve as a signpost in the thick of products offered, as well as to help people make a quality choice. The Good Product Certificate provides an opportunity to distinguish a given product and recommend it to the attention of customers and chefs.

The selection made by the experts will include products submitted to the contest in the following five categories:

  • Quality product – a category in which the experts assess the compliance of a product with good commercial quality standards as well as the producer’s full transparency in the scope of informing the consumers about the ingredients and nutritional value of the product.
  • Innovative product – the experts assess the innovative nature of solutions as regards the production process, the ingredients used or the product’s beneficial effect on the human body.
  • Traditional and regional product – a category that provides an opportunity to showcase niche products of traditional and distinctive character. It includes products that – thanks to having reached mass production while maintaining high quality – are available to a greater number of Polish consumers.
  • New product – a category that includes market novelties.
  • HorecaTrends product – a category of products corresponding to current culinary trends and addressed to HoReCa customers.

Rules for participation:

1) Applications will be accepted until 5 October 2020.

2) One enterprise can submit a maximum of two product line proposals to the contest, indicating a maximum of 2 categories in which it would like to compete for the Good Product Certificate.

3) In order to apply for the contest, please fill in the form available here: APPLICATION FORM

4) Your application may be accompanied by a maximum of three (3) product photos – please send them to the following email address: Please include the name of the product submitted to the contest in the subject of your email. The size of your email cannot exceed 10 MB.

5) Producers and distributors of products qualified to the second stage of the contest will receive information about the address to which they should send their contest samples as well as the due date for doing so.

The winners will be awarded at the official evening Gala taking place during the 13th Food Market & Retail Forum (Sheraton Warsaw Hotel in Warsaw, 3–4 November 2020).

Please send all your questions to the following email address:, or submit them by phone: 22 550 69 27.