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#consumer trends:
- „The image of meat A.D. 2023””
- Novel food, insect protein, plant-based food
- The new vibe of alcohol.

6 November 2023 • 14:45-16:45 • Ballroom B

Thematic scope

#consumer trends
Fine image makes fine dining. “The image of meat A.D. 2023

  • Meat is fighting against its replacements
  • Whom should you address when promoting meat?
  • Innovations in meat. Where to seek inspirations?

#consumer trends
Novel food, insect protein, plant-based food. How to develop a niche into a potent branch of the

  • EU legislation vs. new food. How is afraid of innovation?
  • Insects on the menu. How can Poland benefit from the new trend?
  • Plant-based food – a heavy crop of innovations. Time for plant-based food 2.0

#consumer trends
The new vibe of alcohol – NoLo, 8%, trends, new target groups.

  • Year 2024 on the alcohol market? Experts present new trends.
  • Beverage-turned alcohols. Who is thirsty for alcohol-free beverages?
  • Crafts, small producers, artisanal production – is this the future of alcoholic beverages?
  • The declining allure of vodka. How to revitalize its image?